It’s official!  There will be curling in Chester this Fall, but it’s going to be a little different thanks to COVID-19 and we will need your help make it happen. Please take five minutes or so to complete the survey after you have looked at the following update.

The Nova Scotia Curling Association recently received approval from the provincial Health Authorities for a Return to Play Plan.  (Click here to view the plan).  It provides a minimum level of measures that will have to be taken both on and off the ice to allow any Nova Scotia curling club to open and to operate safely within current provincial health regulations.  
I would encourage you to read the entire document to understand all of the detailed requirements, but the important highlights are:

    1. Rules of play for the standard four person game of curling have been modified to ensure that a 6 foot physical distancing can be maintained throughout the game.  This includes limiting the number of sweepers to one person at any time and having all members of the non-throwing team, including the skip, restricted to specific locations on the edge of the ice surface until a shot is completed.

    2. No specific procedures are suggested for stick curling or doubles curling, but the smaller number of players on the ice will allow for a less formalized maintenance of the 6 foot physical distancing measures during game play,  so these may be more attractive types of curling for some members than they have been in the past.

    3. Timing of individual games will have to be staggered to prevent all of the curlers from arriving at the club simultaneously and entering and exiting the ice at the same time.

    4. Operation of the club off of the ice will be restricted in a manner similar to restaurants and bars, including logging of entry, maintenance of 6 foot physical distancing, frequent disinfection of high touch surfaces, etc.

    5. Locker rooms will likely not be available so curlers may have to arrive dressed to curl and take their equipment home with them between games.

    6. The NSCA has received approval to start at Phase 3 of this plan, so the Chester Curling Club will be able to operate with all four sheets of ice in play.

    7. The junior program will run a junior league, like last year, we will have limited on ice instructional, which will be less curlers on the ice and more instructors. There will be limited, if any spectators for practices and games

Like all of the COVID-19 related restrictions, some or all of these rules may change prior to the start of the season or during the season but, as a club, we have to start planning now and preparing a budget that will allow us to operate sustainably for the coming season.  Last season, we experienced some challenges in recruiting volunteers for daily tasks such as bartending and ice preparation, but dealing with all of these new restrictions will either require us to have the support of a larger number of committed volunteers or we may have to consider hiring paid staff to ensure that our operations are done in a manner that protects the health and safety of our members and our club.  
In order to make informed decisions about our operations and budget for the upcoming season, we would like you to take five minutes or so to complete the following survey.

Click here to complete the survey

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The Chester Curling Club is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization located on the South Shore of scenic Nova Scotia. We welcome all curlers- whether you're a beginner or a champion, young or old- you'll always find a warm, friendly and inviting place in our Club. We run Day, Ladies and Mens, Mixed and Stick Leagues throughout each week from October to March and our Junior programs have produced provincial, national and international champions !!!