Rules of Play

* Each team is composed of two players. In Mixed Doubles, it would be one woman and one man, but many clubs are opting to allow any combination of the same gender or young/mature.

* Both teams throw five stones in an end. One curler delivers the first and fifth stone, while the other team member throws rocks # two, three and four. Curlers can alternate positions after each end is completed. Both players can sweep and having a player hold the broom in the house is optional.

* Two stones are pre-placed in each end as displayed in the diagram to the left. The team with the hammer will start the end with one stone (red stone in the diagram) at the back of the four foot circle. The team without the last stone advantage, will start with a center guard (yellow stone in the diagram). 

* Once each game, teams are allowed to use a "Power Play" in an end where they have the hammer.  The pre-placed rocks are then moved to one side of the ice and placed as a corner guard and a stone behind it with the back of the rock against the tee line. The "Power Play" cannot be used in extra ends.

* Teams are not allowed to remove their opponent's or their own stones until the fourth stone is played in each end.

* The scoring is the same as in a regular curling game and games are scheduled for 8 ends.



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