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The Junior Division of the Chester Curling Club is offering 3 free instruction sessions for all CDS students Grade 3 and up.  The program will start October 30th, and children may choose any three sessions to attend.

MONDAYS - 2:00-3:00:  Beginner Light Rocks (Ages 8 and up)

Dates: Oct. 30, Nov. 6, 20, 27 Dec. 4, 11, 18, Jan. 8, 15, 22, 29, Feb. 5, 12, 26, and Mar. 4

Note: Children will be walked to the curling club from CDS by an instructor.

THURSDAYS - 3:00-4:00:  Advanced Light Rocks/Novices/Advanced (Grades 3 and up)

Dates: Nov. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Dec. 7, 14, Jan. 11, 18, 25 Feb. 1, 8, 15, 22 Mar. 9

SATURDAYS - 10:00 – 11:00:

Ages 8 – 11 Instruction and Games

Ages 12 and older (Novices/Beginners individuals) Instruction & Games

Ages 12 and older Advanced Team Practices/Specialized Training Events/Doubles/Games

Dates: Oct. 28, Nov. 11, 25, Dec. 9, 16, Jan. 13, 20, 27, Feb. 3, 10, 17, 24, Mar. 2


Please contact Tammy Rent (Junior Chairperson) at:

902-483-9086 (cell) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register your child.

All dates and times may be subject to change if another event is scheduled at the club and/or the number of participants requires a change.  There may also be additional junior events added through the season. Advance notices will be made to parents. 

Getting Started:  Curling is a sport that requires considerable flexibility, so curlers should wear comfortable but warm clothing, especially stretchy pants.  The temperature in the ice shed is like a skating rink, but curlers often warm up as they become active on the ice, so wearing a few light layers is best.  For hand warmth, gloves or mitts can be worn, but it is important they have grip surface on the palm and fingers.  For beginners, good clean indoor-only sneakers are required (rubber soles work well—plastic soles are not effective on the ice).  Starting out there is no need for special equipment.  The junior program provides sliders and brooms.  As curlers skills progress, personal sliders, grippers, curling shoes and brooms will be desired.  Our junior program also sells new equipment at a competitive price. If you are interested in purchasing new equipment, contact Tammy Rent, the junior program coordinator.

For curlers under age 12, CSA-approved protective head gear is mandatory—hockey-style helmets are preferred.  We strongly recommend all new curlers wear helmets regardless of age.

CANCELLATIONS:  When schools are cancelled due to weather curling is also cancelled. 

PARENTS!!!!  We Need Volunteers!

As with many sports for kids, our program runs purely on the generosity of volunteers.  If you have an interest in coaching curling or being a helper on or off the ice, please speak to Tammy Rent, the program director.  You do not need to be a curler or have curling knowledge to help.  We do not want to turn any junior curler away because we do not have enough volunteers to instruct.  There are so many ways you can help the program, and we expect our parents to contribute to the success of the program.

What We Do

The Chester Junior Curling Program uses a mixture of instructional methods in each age and skill level group.  All have a degree of skill instruction, special focus drills, curling games, and fun activities.  We work hard to find a variety that keeps the curlers active, engaged, having fun, yet meet individual development needs.  Aside from individual skills, curling is a very social sport, and we strive to intermingle kids during sessions and build fundamental lifelong teamwork skills.  Instruction will be used to assess and advance curlers through development stages. Important skills taught will be safety, rules, etiquette, balance, delivery, weight control, and sweeping. 

Ultimately, curling is a life-long and inclusive sport.  There are many opportunities for a person to stay in the sport socially or competitively.  Light rocks, doubles, mixed teams, stick curling and wheelchair curling allows many more to stay in the game.  

Competitive Curling

The Chester Junior Curling Program has a long history of successful competitive curlers and teams.  Provincial competitive curling events are overseen by the Nova Scotia Curling Association and are held at various clubs in the province.  Even at the youngest ages, curlers are invited to compete in the provincial Light Rock Jamboree.  In these early years, the program supports curlers by organizing teams and participating as team coaches at the events.  All provincial events require a coach with Nova Scotia Curling Association approved coaching credentials.

As curlers’ skills progress and they become more competitive juniors, the curlers, with their parents, take on forming their own competitive teams including finding the right coach for their team.  The program provides financial support for all NSCA sanctioned event entry fees, and some coach and team costs when permissible. 

There are also other fun and competitive events (“bonspiels”) hosted by many curling clubs which do not necessarily require coaching credentials.  Registering and attending these events are the responsibility of curlers and their teams.  As new events become known throughout the year, curlers will be notified by email and listed on our Facebook page. 

This Year at Chester

The Chester Curling Club is well known for being a great host club—we have awesome ice and a wonderful facility!  We are proud to host two Teazer Light Junior Spiels this year.  The U15 event will be held November 17-19, 2023, and the U13 event will be held December 1-3, 2023.  In addition, we will be happily bringing back the very popular Hit, Draw, Tap Competition.

We will also be having special Home and Home games with our clubs from our region.

The Junior Curling Program celebrates the end of each half-season with a Christmas Party in December and a Year-End Party in March. Both are fun events with games and treats for our curlers. 

Contact Us:

Please feel free to speak to the Junior Program Director:

Tammy Rent

Phone: (902) 483-9086

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Other Stuff Curlers Need to Know:

Curl for the fun of it—not to please your parents or coaches.

Respect yourself, other curlers, coaches, helpers, club members, the facility, and the ice.

Be a good sport, cheer all good plays, focus on improving your skills and be cooperative.

Be on time and be ready to go on the ice at the scheduled time. Late-comers may miss out on a planned group activity. Please notify a Coach ahead of time if you know you will be late or miss a day.

Participation in warm-ups and stretching activities is required.

Do not go on the ice without Coaches permission.

Always clean footwear before entering the ice shed. There will be no entry on the ice without the appropriate footwear.

Family members are welcome to stay and watch. Please check with a Coach to bring a friend to watch or give curling a try.

No eating or drinking on the ice shed. Only water bottles are permitted, and the lid kept on.


A Final Word to Parents:

Enjoy watching your kids curl and let them play!

Curling parents are important and make a difference. With a supportive attitude and understanding of the basics of the game, parents positively add to their kid’s experience and enjoyment.

Take part in the fun by enjoying the game and respectfully applauding all good shots. Curling can be an exciting sport to watch, but over-enthusiastic one-sided reactions are not appropriate by parents. Be respectful for the players and family on the opposing team.

Let the Coach—coach! Avoiding placing emphasis on winning. The most important aspect of curling is to have fun while developing physical and emotional skills that will serve them in other aspects of their life.

Positive Reinforcement is the best way to help your child achieve their goals and reduce their natural worry of failure. If your child makes a mistake—and they will (remember, they are children!)—keep in mind that mistakes are an important learning process. Strive to be supportive and point out what they did do well.

Coaching from behind the glass should not happen. If you don’t agree with something on the ice, calmly ask the coach about it privately afterwards. It’s unfair to put children in a position to listen to their parents and their coach in an adult conversation that involves them.

Encourage and support your curler to participate, be on time, and wear the proper clothing and equipment.

There are many benefits to curling; it is distinct with respected etiquette unlike many other sports. Curling is both an individual and team challenge. Good sportsmanship, self-discipline, working together, enjoying winning and handling defeat are just a few benefits for the kids.

Always be positive—your curler will look to you for advice and approval. Never lose sight that you are their biggest role model, and one the most important things you can do is show your own sportsmanship towards other parents, coaches, officials, and curlers.

Thank you for giving the Chester Junior Curling program, the privilege to teach your child this wonderful game. We enjoy every junior curler and endeavor for equal opportunity for all to take up and stay in the game.

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